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About 10 years ago, at a famous tasting held in Turin, called Ba&Ba (Barolo and Barbaresco), when almost all producers present their last-released vintage, I tasted the wines of Ugo Lequio. The merchant-winemaker tradition in Piemonte was a very prestigious one, similarly to Burgundy (Burgundy and Piemonte are culturally very similar) but nowadays shrinking in numbers. Ugo Lequio represents the marvellous exception and his winemaking competences are so high that made me love his Arneis (normally I don´t like Arneis wines). He proudly makes a Barbaresco and a Barbera from one the Langhe´s best MGAs (cru) the Gallina in Neive. I praise his work, I am pretty sure you will too

Soils: Marl, Sandstone clay, Limestone

Cultivated grape sorts: Chardonnay, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Arneis, Moscato

Hectares: 6 ha

Annual production: 30 000 bottles

Finding the wines of Ugo Lequio...

Scannabue, Torino

La Cantina del Rondò, Neive

La Libera, Alba

Ugo Lequio

Barbaresco with elegance

The Wines

Our selection from Ugo Lequio

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