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For almost 40 years my wine research was always set on 4 specific criteria:
  • producers representing their terroirs at their best

  • respecting their environment knowing that`s what they are living on

  • wines made by people able to think different

  • and for people being able to think out of the box


It goes without saying that my origins in Piedmont and my years of life between this region and Burgundy and Champagne have given me the chance of understanding some of the world´s key regions with a local, more than global, mindset.

Many of the local winemakers I found during these decades have become global stars, without losing their local identity, rather enhancing it and protecting it by constant practices´ innovation either in the fields and in their cellars.

These stars are now part of my personal and professional life and part of the portfolio I am bringing to your attention.

If you like to live the real terroir and the real glocal wine experience, you are at the right address.

I mainly do France and Piedmont, because I am an expert of France and Piedmont, but exceptionally it can happen you will see extraordinary people and winemakers from other areas as well.

This is the place for wine diversity.

This is the place for competence.

This is the place for handcrafted products.

This is the place for innovative wines.



Restaurant Schwarzer Adler, Hall in Tirol
Park Hyatt Vienna
Restaurant Le Salzgries Paris, Wien
Capsule Salon de Champagne, Wien
Restaurant Léontine, Wien
Restaurant Duchardt, Wien
Die Cafetière, Wien

Pramerl & The Wolf, Wien
Billa Corso Hoher Markt, Wien
Billa Corso Ringstrassengalerie, Wien
Herbeck Neue Gastwirtschaft, Wien

VIN VIN Gallery, Wien
Kafenéon, Wien


Az. Agr. Rivetto dal 1902, Langhe, Barolo
Chablis Grossot, Burgundy, Chablis
Champagne Moussé Fils, Champagne, Vallée de la Marne
Champagne Yann Alexandre,
Champagne, Montagne de Reims
Château Le Grand Verdus, Bordeaux, Entre-deux-Mers
Domaine Guillemard-Pothier, Burgund
y, Côte-de-Beaune
Domaine Loew, Alsace, Bas-Rhin
Ugo Lequio, Langhe, Barbaresco
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