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"As a professional in the food and beverage industry, your professional identity is a compromise between your technical competences and your own taste, but objectivity must prevale on subjectivity."

This is how you create your own competence.


"My opinion in the wine industry is the result of 40 years of personal interest and 10 years of focused professional experience. The environment made me, my training, my travels, my discoveries and my professional choices shaped me."

Express yourself the way you are and keep on learning.


"I love feedbacks. In 10 years, the feedback I get all the time is: "the quality of the products you choose is undisputable." What I always ask is: let´s talk. I ask this because one thing is technical quality, one thing is personal taste, therefore, by talking, I can help you finding what you like or what you might like."

Be open. Wine life is a permanent suprise.

Sergio Nodone

My name is Sergio, but since my younger years I have been called Serge.

Why? Because I was raised bilingual with Italian and French, because with my family we have been always travelling to France, because I come from the Piedmont-Savoy border and because Turin and Piedmont have, still today, a strong cultural affinity with south-eastern France, specifically Savoy, Dauphiné and Provence.

So, yes, I feel more Serge than Sergio and I always wanted to live in France. This is what I did 20 years ago, when I lived in Lyon, exactly in Écully.

My grandfather was a wine collector and passed his love of wine on to me. A native of Piedmont has already the chance of living in one the most important oeno-gastronomic hubs of the world. 

When I moved to Lyon, I could travel all over France and discover many wine gems all over the country, but, most of all, get acquainted with the local cultures and landscapes. This helped me becoming an expert for specific regions. I keep on travelling to many wine regions.

I am a professional in the wine business: I am teaching at IMC Krems University in the International Wine Business degree, I am a fully graduated Sommelier of the AIS, I am one of the Masters of one the most prestigious wine brotherhoods of the world, the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba.

I also have a degree in International Law at the University of Turin, a GMP postgraduate certificate at ESCP Europe, the 3rd best European Business School, I speak 6 languages and I studied Latin for 4 years.

I am currently enrolled onto the MA in European Studies at the FH Burgenland.

History and Art are my passions.

Since August 2013 I live in Vienna.

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