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An interview with Enrico Rivetto

  • Tell us about your estate and winery.

The Azienda Agricola Rivetto was created in 1902, so it´s almost 120 years old, and first opened up its operations in the heart of Alba, before moving later on where we are today, in Lirano, which is a hill between Serralunga d´Alba and Sinio.

In 2010 we started to cultivate our vineyards in organic, for finally embracing the biodynamic agriculture. As of late 2019, we are the first and for now only Demeter certified winery in the area of the Barolo and Barbaresco wines.

Our organic and biodynamic approach it is not only on paper, rather is a mindset change, that we want to apply to our daily approach to our work.


  • What is the style of your wines?

We are trying to make balanced wines that fully and thoroughly represent each vintage at their best. Secondly, they must be a clear expression of the terroir they are issued from and finally we focus on giving them finesse and longevity.


  • Past, Present and Future

Yesterday it was Monday, today Tuesday, tomorrow I cannot really say what….. :-)
Jokes apart, with the past I learnt a sense of belonging to my family and bringing on our familiar heritage of people working in this field for such a long time.

My present to try to consolidate the 10 years´ conceptual efforts we did with converting our winey to the biodynamic.

For our future I see a reduction of the mono-cultivation of vines, in order to accompany it to other plants, with the purpose of making our territory stronger and more able to self-defend itself.


  • Something about yourself?

I love team sports, especially basketball, which I did in my younger years and I still sometimes practice with my friends. I even have a small field close to the winery. It taugh me a bunch of values that I later found again in my professional life. I love the NBA and I pull for the Phoenix Suns.

I also love football, which is a big thing here in Piemonte and my favourite team is Juventus Turin. Another passion I have is geopolitics: I cannot stand ruffians, I like straightforward people. I am an active member and knight of the Order of the
Knights of the Truffle and of the Wines of Alba.

I totally go crazy for the agnolotti del plin that my mamma makes.

  • What are you the most proud of?

My three children. I love them. They make me get up every day a happy man.


  • Where can we find your wines?

Piazza Duomo – Alba 

Del Cambio – Torino    

The Modern – New York                          

Britannia Hotel –Trondheim

Casa Tua – Aspen

Soho House – Miami

Fem Små Hus – Stockholm

Soils : marl, sandstone clay, limestone

Cultivated grape sorts: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Nascetta

Vineyards´ extension : 15 hectars

Annual production: 100.000 bottles

Enrico Rivetto

Piemonte, Langhe, Barolo

The Wines

Our selection from Azienda Agricola Rivetto

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