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An interview with Cécile de Traversay, brand ambassador in Austria of Château Les Mesclances

- Tell us since when you know the Château Les Mesclances

My first experience at the Château Les Mesclances goes back to the early years of my life. My parents were spending their summer holidays there and I was playing with all my cousins in the sycamore alley that leads to the cellar were our wines, among the best of Provence, are made.

Today it is my uncle Arnaud, together with his wife Elisabeth, that keeps alive this family tradition.

- Which is the most beautiful memory you have with the wines of your family?

The first memory I have is something a bit atypical for a child: a peach marinated in wine and sugar, made with a fruit of our orchard and one of our rosé wines.

The second memory is linked to my wedding, which took place in a chapel close to the property, where then we had our reception with all my friends from France, Austria and other nations.

- How did you become Brand Ambassador of Château Les Mesclances here in Austria?

I am living in Austria for more than 10 years already. My uncle asked me if I wanted to do it and I accepted to give him some help, as after all we are family; I have lots of love for my family and I cherish all the memories the estate and the wines bring to me. In addition, they are so good….

- When to drink the wines of Les Mesclances ?

For the rosé wines it goes without saying that spring and summer are the best times, although I must admit I like to sip them all year long and I offer them to my friends when they come home. It may sound bizarre, but try the Cuvée Saint Honorat with a veal Wiener Schnitzel, with a ratatouille or boiled potatoes seasoned with parsley and

Our reds, bold and full-bodied although they still are fruit-forward and better for autumn and winter go together well with a leg of lamb or with a pork hock.

You can pair our whites with fish of course: the Viognier with a trout and the Rolle with a salmon steak.

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