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An interview with Cédric Moussé

  • Tell us something about your estate and winery

Our estate is working on a production with a strong identity, due especially to an atypical soil for the Meunier, on south-exposed green clay slopes.

Our vineyards (and consequently the wines) are worked with the highest neutrality, which means reducing as much as possible the human factor, observing more rather than intervening.

Every gesture and investment realized by our team is designed to increase the quality of our wines, with the goal of respecting more and more the environment .


  • What is the stytle of your wines?

My wines must express their terroirs of origin, with “a bit of Cédric” in them


  • Past, Present and Future

Passé, Jean Marc, my father

Present, Me, doing my best and keeping on learning

Future, we´re going to have fun….


  • Something about yourself

Difficult to say, I really don´t like to talk about myself… I try to think positive, I am an optimist, in love with life and I am more and more aware that we are harming our planet, therefore I think a change is very much needed.


  • What are you most proud of?

My mother

  • Where can we find your wines?

Some incredible locations where top chefs have full trust in my products:

Eleven Madison Park, NYC

Sketch, London

Assiette Champenoise, Reims

Trianon Palace, Versailles

Ritz, Tokyo

Restaurant Mosaic in The Orient Boutique Hotel, Pretoria

JTK Cuisine & Cocktails, Lincoln

Capsule – Bar à Champagne, Wien

Salzgries Paris, Wien

Léontine, Wien

Member of the Club Trésors de Champagne

Soils: mainly green clay

Cultivated grape sorts: 85% Meunier, 12% Pinot Noir, 3% Chardonnay

Hectares: 10,20ha

Annual production: 85000 bottles

Champagne Moussé Fils 

Master of Meunier

The Wines

Our selection from Moussé

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