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An interview with Étienne et Caroline Loew

  • Tell us about your estate and winery.

We established our activities in 1996 and this also was our first vintage under Domaine Loew's name. We have been certified biodynamic since 2007, Demeter since 2012, and Biodyvin since 2017.


  • What is the style of your wines?

Our focus is to make wines representative of their terroirs and adequate for gastronomic tables.


  • Past, Present and Future

Past: professor in a farming and oenology school for about 10 years
Present: making beautiful wines
Future: keeping on making beautiful wines, hopefully with my daughters


  • Something about yourself?

I have a penchant for ice-cream and desserts. I swim a lot, in order to eat a lot of them.


  • What are you the most proud of?

Our two daughters: Mathilde and Marguerite.


  • Where can we find your wines?

We really don´t know them all, but here a few:

Plaza Athénée, Paris

Alain Ducasse, Paris, Tokyo

Ducasse sur Seine, Paris                                 

Arpège Maison de Cuisine, Paris                           

Au Bœuf Rouge, Niederschaeffolsheim                

La Fourchette des Ducs, Obernai                  

Michel Sarran, Toulouse                                         

Le Salzgries Paris, Wien

Léontine, Wien


Soils: black and red marls, dolomitic sandstone, muschelkalk, limestone

Cultivated grape sorts: 20% pinot gris, 20% gewurztraminer, 30% riesling, 8% sylvaner, 8% pinot noir, 8% pinot blanc et 6% muscat

Hectares: 13.5

Annual production: 70.000 bottles

Domaine Loew

Alsace Avant-Garde

The Wines

Our selection from Domaine Loew

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