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Founded in 1902, Az. Agr. Rivetto and his owner Enrico Rivetto are the leader of the organic and biodynamic movement in the Langhe subregion of Piemonte. The first time I met him, about 10 years ago, Enrico was already having in his mind how his production should be shaped. Now it´s a reality and he is considered among the top 10 producers in the Barolo area. His Nebbiolo Terracotta was awarded the 21st world´s best wine by Wine Enthusiast in 2021.

Soils : marl, sandstone clay, limestone

Cultivated grape sorts: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Nascetta

Vineyards´ extension : 15 hectars

Annual production: 100.000 bottles

Finding the wines of Agr. Rivetto...

Piazza Duomo, Alba 

Del Cambio, Torino    

The Modern, New York                          

Britannia Hotel, Trondheim

Casa Tua, Aspen

Soho House, Miami

Fem Små Hus, Stockholm

Enrico Rivetto

Piemonte, Langhe, Barolo

Some of his wines

A selection of the wines made by the only winemaker Demeter and Biodyvin certified in Barolo.

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