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For how much Alsace is a controversial theme in Austria (germanic grapes in a French region?) Loew is Loew. Loew cannot be avoided. Caroline and Étienne Loew, with their Domaine Loew, represent the quintessence of precision and of quality consistency over the years. I met them the first time over a tip by the owner of one the most renowed restaurant in Alsace, François Golla of Au Boeuf Rouge and since then I could never, I repeat never, find a single flaw in their wines. This is the right description of their wines: flawless. Riesling champions, their Pinot Gris Grand Cru Engelberg has been listed among the 35 world´s best Pinot Gris and I am very fond of their Gewurztraminer. Once that you try their wines, you cannot live without. Just like it happens at the Plaza Athénée in Paris, where Loew´s wines are listed.


Soils: black and red marls, dolomitic sandstone, muschelkalk, limestone

Cultivated grape sorts: 20% pinot gris, 20% gewurztraminer, 30% riesling, 8% sylvaner, 8% pinot noir, 8% pinot blanc et 6% muscat

Hectares: 13.5

Annual production: 70.000 bottles

Where to find the wines of Domaine Loew...

We really don´t know them all, but here a few:

Plaza Athénée, Paris

Alain Ducasse, Paris, Tokyo

Ducasse sur Seine, Paris

Arpège Maison de Cuisine, Paris

Au Bœuf Rouge, Niederschaeffolsheim

La Fourchette des Ducs, Obernai

Michel Sarran, Toulouse

Le Salzgries Paris, Wien

Léontine, Wien

Restaurant Duchardt, Wien

Domaine Loew

Alsace, Bas-Rhin, Westhoffen

Some of their wines.

The embodiment of biodynamic wine perfection from the heart of Europe

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