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Mesclances embodies the history and the essence of Provence, a region that became part of the Kingdom of France in 1486, whereas the family owning the estate settled there in the late 12th century. This means that it is very much unlikely to find any producer that represents more than Mesclances what Provence is for all of us. Of course, this could be a burden for anyone else, but not for them and, from the entry-level wine to the top one, their production is made with the utmost attention and is bringing the sun and the perfumes of Provence in our glasses.

Soils: schist, clay-limestone.

Cultivated grape sorts: Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rolle, Viognier

Hectares: 150ha in total, 33ha dedicated to vineyards

Annual production: 200.000 bottles

Finding the wines of Les Mesclances...

Alain Ducasse, Paris;

Ducasse sur Seine, Paris 

Les Caves Pétrissans, Paris                                         Le Salzgries Paris,Wien  

Léontine, Wien


Château Les Mesclances

The Essence of Provence

The Wines

Our selection from Les Mesclances

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