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There are two Chablis worlds: the terroir Chablis and the cellar Chablis. The first type of wines are representing Chablis´ real image, the second ones are products with an all-round taste profile. If you go to Chablis the landscape is as barren as on the moon (never been on it, but this is what they say....): an ancient sea bed, full with fossils, dry and rich, grey-beige in an enviroment exposed to the Arctic winds and early spring rainfalls. In this difficult yet fascinating environment, Domaine Grossot make Chablis wines that are considered a benchmark in the industry and, this I say it without any doubt, "my" Chablis, because, after an attentive selection made when I was living in France, they make the Chablis that I personally drink since 2001 and that I strongly recommend you

Soils : Kimmeridgian

Cultivated grape sorts: Chardonnay

Vineyards´ extension : 18 hectars

Annual production: 90.000 bottles

Finding the wines of Chablis Grossot...

Georges V, Paris

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, Monaco

The Peninsula Paris, Paris

Le Cheval Blanc, Paris

Troisgros, Roanne

Le Salzgries Paris, Vienna

Léontine, Vienna

Chablis Grossot

A reference for Chablis

The Wines

Our selection from Chablis Grossot

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