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The wines of Boschis Francesco, made by Paolo, are a recent find for me. For years I thought about finding a Dolcetto producer, but I was waiting for someone like Paolo. His wines are above my expectations and he is possibly the best Dolcetto producer in the whole Piemonte. The geographical situation of his winery, at 500-600 mts above sea level and facing 4000mts mountains, was maybe an weak point 30 years ago, but today, with the climate change, it allows him to have the most elegant Dolcetto wines, with vines planted in one of the most fabolous scenery ever. He also produces a great Pinot Noir, in limited quantity, a Sauvignon Blanc and an amazing Grignolino. A different world, a different taste.

Soils : marl, sandstone clay, limestone

Cultivated grape sorts: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Nascetta

Vineyards´ extension : 15 hectars

Annual production: 100.000 bottles

Finding the wines of Francesco Borschis...

Del Cambio, Torino    

La Locanda del Borgo, Carrú,                       

Lago Laux, Usseaux

Walter Bauer, Wien

Francesco Boschis

Dolcetto Royalty

The Wines

Our selection from Francesco Boschis

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